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Chris "Alleyne" Rudder, PulpMag, July 2006
"...Julie and her band bring back that simple, tasteful, classic type rock that you appreciate and love. The lyrics of their songs, though creative and even catchy, actually mean something."

John Train, PA Musician, July 2005
"...the Julie Schreiber Band is a non parallel pop/art-rock band with the ability to juice up a guitar lick or do a devastating classic 60's acid or psychedelic rock cover... Schreiber and Wirsing have transcended much of the yin-yang feel of the band by creating originals which fuse Wirsing's feverish (Van Halen-ish) rock sense of guitar with Schreiber's passionate multi-octave delivery style."

John Train, PA Musician, March 2002
"As impressive as Julie Schreiber’s talent in crafting an interesting, catchy and meaningful song is, it’s still only secondary to her ability to sing. Start with the clarity of a Joan Baez, but add in some infectious drive, an ability to hold a note and some occasional slithery and sultry intonations…this is post-coffeehouse, pop-influenced, rock-oriented original stuff…As a kicker, the band incorporates classics…not simply covers, but rather standards, plus some “value added” guitar work by Wirsing. Schreiber’s tribute to Led Zeppelin, her rendition of “Immigrant Song” is masterful, reverential, and full throttled".

Paul Autry, Ballbuster Magazine, November 2001
"Julie Schreiber must have been blessed by a higher power…She delivers songs with a passion that is one hundred percent heart and soul…There’s no doubt in my mind that
she’ll be the next big thing to come out of Harrisburg".

Fly Magazine, August 2000
"Julie Schreiber... has a whole lifetime ahead of her and her promising musical career, The sky’s the limit for Schreiber’s four-octave voice, emotional rhythm guitar playing, and passionate songwriting".

Benjamin Herr; Barfly Monthly, May 2000
"Move over Alanis Morissette, step aside Paula Cole... there’s a new contender in your arena and she’s gonna give you a run for the money".

Barry Fox’s Top 9 of 1999; Harrisburg Patriot
"Julie Schreiber Band... shows she is a formidable musician, songwriter and singer on her new disc, even before she’s reached the legal drinking age".

Jason Timoll; Mode Magazine, October 1999
"Perhaps the most outstanding quality of Schreiber’s work is an innate ability to express feelings beyond her years. In perusing the tracks of this record, one is likely to have the complete change of mood that only a well-balanced account of person’s most true and textured life can provide. I can only think that there are great things in store for the Julie Schreiber Band".



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